Some Interesting Images (stills 1)

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(Rotate by 180 degrees)  


Clinton & Gore

(or is it?... the answer)

Part of the Synthesis of Cholesterol

(watch that
arrow pushing in the first step) 

How big was the bomb?

(Compare the blast from an atom bomb superimposed on Manhatten with that from a hydrogen bomb superposed the same way -- or view them together.)

The RSA algorithm in Perl

(If you could make out the text, this would be an illegal export of a munition! Try an enlarged view.)

Real Estate prices in Palo Alto and New York

(In Palo Alto, from low-priced white to high-priced black with yellow water and blue streets. In NY, from green to blue to red. [NY image adpated from NY Times.])

An Alternate Periodic Table

(Shows periods arranged sym-metrically, from Bohr and others. From E Scerri, "The Periodic Table and the Electron," Am. Sci. 85: 546-53. Larger view.)