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Social connections via LinkedIn, mostly professional. (I'm not on Facebook.)

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Experimental linkstream blog

Tags (attributes)

I have gotten quite into tagging. Here's my philosophy on this.

Some definitions of my public tags. (Notice, how it contains a subdivision into tags that are applicable to bookmarks, blogs, images, etc using yet more tags.)

It also contains pointers to tops of link clusters (overviews and centers)

Some old public tags.

For fun, I've tried to make my delicious tags available in a variety of formats.

Life Streams

Fun Text

Textstream Blog (old and older archive of this)

Textstream2 Blog (containing rawer, collaborative content)

Letters in the Textstream: published, unpublished in textstream and unpublished in textstream2

Routes & Timings, principally in sports (e.g. see recent geo-tagged trip to Vienna)

Books & Movies I've liked before Jan. '07
Books & Movies tagged on after this

(Some random articles I read between '03 & '05 via conversion to MP3.)

Work Streams

Work papers and lectures. Other stuff I've written.

Streams of professional people: current and past

Further information on the philosophy and source of this content.


I'm an avid photographer and collector of images. I try to make images available in various streams.

Main Flickr Page

This has most of my current photos arranged in various "photostreams" and sets (e.g. photostream #4). Lately, I've gotten quite into keyword- and geo-tagging. You can see examples of the later on my flickr map and also various closeups I've done for trips that I've taken to the West Coast or Europe. Some of my photo keyword tags are carefully documented; others are just in a big list.

Other Current Stuff

Picassa page, which has some of new photos as well as nice maps for each set (e.g. see photostream one). A few of the pictures from here get pushed to my Panoramio page, where they, in turn, get linked up with Google map queries.

Some random headshots of myself (including high-dpi ones suitable for printing) and some more unusual selfportraits

Lately, I've taken to incorporating some my pictures into my lectures. I've tried to highlight the images that I put into them in a dump directory of thumbnails and also by the tag kwpotppt on flickr.

A series of Holiday Cards done by uncle over many years.

Further information on the philosophy and source of this content.

Older Things

My collecting images has evolved over the years. Here's some earlier stuff.

My earlier flickr page from '06 and '07, which doesn't have that much tagging.

Photostream blog, which contains lots of material from '05 to mid '08, rearranged as chronological posts.

Scrapbook Blog, which has random images mostly posted from '05 to '07

Some older bits are in my scrapbook of interesting images: 1997-1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 . (The first link is just a custom html page and latter ones are my simple pre-flickr photo galleries.)

Finally, I've started to put some really old images (from the '70s) into my current flickr site.

Older and very old versions of this site.

My Amazon wish list .

My .emacs file, which includes elisp code to color alignments. (This is very old and mostly defuct but I like the code and have no where else to put this.)

Collection of random "profile" links about me and my research .

Outbox Locations

My current outbox is at

My earlier outbox was at

My secondary personal outbox is at

For each outbox, you must type an explicit path to access an individual directory.

For instance, type to access outbox file test.txt.

Some old outboxes are at

Wrong Password or Path

You might be getting here probably because you didn't type in a password correctly or you tried to access a "private" outbox directory. Note that many of my password dialogues do not work correctly mobile devices without javascript. (You need to use firefox or chrome on a desktop.)

Contact Information

Here's some pointers on how to most efficiently contact me, in both personal and professional contexts. Basically, I prefer email over unscheduled phone calls or paper mail. (I do like scheduled phone calls and meetings, however!) Unfortunately, I am sometimes a bit slow in responding to all the correspondence that I get. In the later case, if it's urgent, I'd try to contact me by using the pleasepagemark email address.

Email  &

These are my normal emails for professional and personal contexts. Some points on using them:

If you need to reach me rapidly try this, send an email to this address putting the *blue* in the subject line of the message. Use this sparingly. It goes to my cell phone (and to my normal email) and creates a buzz. (It's fast but not instantaneous.) It is best to keep the message short and confined to the subject line of the message, viz: Subject: *blue* -- trying to contact you about sending you check for $10M.

This email goes to me and my assistant. Use this addresses to put in web forms -- e.g. for letters of reference. My assistant does not handle my schedule so write to me directly about appointments.

Phone & Fax

203 432 6105 — You can call my office phone (which sometimes forwards to my cell). Try to make sure your caller ID shows through (with *82 if necessary) as I don't tend to pick up calls missing explicit identification. It is often hard to get me by phone at random times. Furthermore, leaving a voicemail at this number is not that effective. It is more effective in a professional context to go through my assistant (see below).

360 838 7861 — This is my efax number. (Optimum if you email me to give me a heads up that you are sending a fax.)

mark.gerstein — username for skype. (Please do not try to "chat" with me here when not on a call.)

Paper Mail & Physical Location

I much prefer email to paper mail, so this will get a slow response. Here is my correct paper mail address:
Mark Gerstein, PO Box 208114 MBB, Yale University New Haven, CT 06520 USA.

If you want to meet in person (which I do like!), my office location is Bass 432A. (See here for details.) You sometimes need authorization to get in the building after 6 PM. If so, arrange to call me, so I can come down to meet you. Also, please make sure you announce yourself at my office.

I don't post my home address on the web, but if you're interested, it's (unfortunately) fairly trivial to get it from Google and my home phone number (if you know the latter).

Even More Information...

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