Favorite Books (as of Jan-2007)

Title Author Finished
Favorites (ranked from best to worst)
Genome War  James Shreeve Aug-05
Eniac Scott McCartney Oct-04
Secret Empire Philip Taubman Oct-06
Freakonomics  Steven Levitt Dec-05
Intelligence in War  John Keegan Aug-05
Deadly Feasts Richard Rhodes Nov-04
Millionaire Next Door Eugene stanley Oct-04
Millionaire mind Eugene stanley Oct-01
Future for Investors Jeremy Siegel Jul-06
Master of the senate Robert Caro Jun-05
DNA : The Secret of Life  James Watson Dec-04
Power of Gold Peter L. Bernstein   Oct-00
New new thing Michael Lewis Jun-00
iCon Jeffrey Young and William Simon Dec-06
The Planets Dava Sobel Jun-06
Blink Malcolm Gladwell May-06
Collapse Jared Diamond May-06
What do you care what other people think Richard Feynman Mar-06
Searching for the Sound  Phil Lesh Dec-05
Co-opetition Barry J. Nalebuff  
Other Good Reads
First Human Ann Gibbons Jan-07
Don't Eat This Book Morgan Spurlock Aug-06
Hitler's Scientists John Cornwell Mar-06
Absolutely American David Lipsky Feb-06
Lectures vol5 energy and motion  Richard Feynman Dec-05
Isaac Newton James Gleick Dec-05
BLOG  Hugh Hewitt Dec-05
Younger next year  Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge Aug-05
Nature via Nurture  Matt Ridley Aug-05
Great Bridge David McCullough Jun-05
Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution Robert Atkins Jun-05
Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Jun-05
Dinosaur in a Haystack: Reflections in Natural History Stephen J. Gould Nov-04
Don't Know Much About History Kenneth C. Davis Oct-04
Don't Know Much About Geography Kenneth C. Davis Oct-04
Wonderful Life: Burgess Shale Stephen Jay Gould Oct-01
Skunk works Leo Janos and Ben Rich Aug-01
Coming plague Laurie garret Jun-01
Man in Full Tom Wolfe, read by David Ogden Stiers Mar-01
Ever since darwin Stephen Jay Gould Jul-00
Eat More, Weigh Less Dean Ornish, M.D. Jul-00
Trust Susan E. Tifft, Alex S. Jones May-00
Moneyball Michael Lewis May-00
Mismeasure of man Stephen Jay Gould Apr-00
Longitude Dava Sobel Feb-00
Genius: the Life and Science of Richard Feynman James Gleick Jan-00
Guns, Germs & Steel Jared Diamond May-99
Only The Paranoid Survive Andrew S. Grove Dec-98
Reckoning David Halberstam, Sections 1 and 2  
Questioning The Millenium Stephen Jay Gould, read by Efren Zimbalist, Jr.  
Hot Zone Richard Preston  
Dark Sun The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb Richard Rhodes  
Against the Gods Peter L. Bernstein  
Introducing Postmodernism Richard Appignanesi Apr-06
Theories of the Universe Stephen Hawking et al Jan-06
Relativity Albert Einstein Jan-06
Great Explorers David-Angus Jan-06
1776 David McCullough Dec-05
Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser Oct-04
Fabric of the Cosmos Brian Greene Oct-04
One Bullet Away Nathaniel Fick Aug-06
American Spartans James Warren Jun-06
Don't Know Much about World Myths Kenneth Davis Mar-06
Galileos Daughter Dava Sobel Jan-06
Into thin air Jon Krakauer Mar-05
Random Other Reads
What Would MacGyver Do Brendan Vaughan Jan-07
Great Explorers David Angus Dec-05
Crazy Busy Edward Hallowell Jan-07
Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind Noam Chomsky Nov-05
They Made America Harold Evans Jun-05
Guide to Wine Julian Curry Jun-05
Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time Will Durant Jun-05
Analyzing Financial Statements Eric Press Jun-05
Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War Judith Miller, William Broad, Stephen Engelberg Dec-04
Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson Nov-04
Evolution : The Triumph of an Idea Carl Zimmer Nov-04
Undaunted Courage Stephen E. Ambrose Oct-04
Long Gray Line Rick Atkinson Oct-04
Civil War - Part II  (The United States at War) Narrated by George C. Scott Oct-04
Wild blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s over Germany  Stephen E. Ambrose Jun-02
War in a time of Peace David Halberstam Jan-02
Vietnam War - Part I (The United States at War) Narrated by George C. Scott Jan-02
Great minds of science   Jan-02
George Wilhelm Friedrich (Germany) 1770-1831  (The Giants of Philosophy)   Jan-02
Fifties David Halberstam, read by Edsin Newman Oct-01
Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell Oct-01
Living and The Dead Paul Hendrickson Oct-01
Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham Aug-01
Citizen Soldiers Stephen E. Ambrose Jun-01
Kings and Queens of England   Mar-01
One-Day MBA Paul Lerman, Ph.D. and John H. Turner, Ph.D. Oct-00
Titan Ron Chernow Aug-00
Stalin Edvard Radzinsky Aug-00
Professor and the madman S Winchester Aug-00
Organizing for the Creative Person Dorothy Lehmjukl, Dolores Colter Lamping Aug-00
Painted Word Tom Wolfe May-00
Thomas Jefferson   Mar-00
Direct from Dell - Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry   Mar-00
Dealers of Lightning Micahel Hiltzik Mar-00
Motley fool, rule makers   Feb-00
Map that changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology Simon Winchester Feb-00
World war I John Keegan Jan-00
Transformed Cell Steven A. Rosenberg Jan-00
Visions of Technology Richard Rhodes Jan-00
The Curve of Binding Energy John McPhee Jan-00
Mars and Venus on a Date John Gray Jan-00
Life in Darwin's Universe Gene Bylinsky Jan-00
Hobbit and The Fellowship of The Ring J.R.R. Tolkien Nov-99
Monetarism and Supply Side Economics (Great Economic Thinkers) Narrated by Louis Rukeyser Nov-99
Wall Street and Its Mystery Men (Secrets of the Great Investors)   Apr-99
Korean War (The United States at War) Narrated by George C. Scott Apr-99
An Incomplete Education Judy Junes/William Wilson  Apr-99
Technical Traders and Commodity Speculators (Secrets of the Great Investors) Narrated by Louis Rukeyser Mar-99
Faster Gleick Feb-99
Medical Science (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman Dec-98
Language and Problems of Knowledge Noam Chomsky Dec-98
Chemistry & The Enlightenment (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman Dec-98
Why Geese Don't Get Obese Eric P. Widmaier  
What I Believe Bertrand Russle  
Warren Buffet Way Robert G. Hagstrom, Jr.  
Vietnam War - Part II (The United States at War) Narrated by George C. Scott  
Truman David McCullough  
T-rex and The Crater of Doom Walter Alvarez  
The Road Ahead  Bill Gates  
Social Contract (Giants of Political Thought) Jean-Jacques Rousseau  
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey  
Science of Jurassic Park and The Lost World or How To Build a Dinosaur Robert DeSalle, Ph.D.  
Science in Antiquity (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Science Good, Bad & Bogus Martin Gardner  
Protestant Christianity  (Religion, Scriptures and Spirituality ) Narrated by Ben Kingsley  
Present, Time Past Bill Bradley   
Pour Your Heart Into It Howard Schultz  
Playing for Keeps Michael Jordan and The World He Made David Halberstam  
Plato (Greece) Ca. 428-348 B.C (The Giants of Philosophy)     
Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity  Narrated by Ben Kingsley  
Origins of the Universe (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Origin of the Species Charles Darwin  
October 1964  David Halberstam  
Next Generation David Halberstam, read by The E.G. Marshall  
Natural Science & The Planet Earth (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Middle East (The World's Political Hot Spots) Narrated by Harry Reasoner  
Machiavelli- The Prince Fritz Weaver  
Lives of a cell Lewis Thomas  
Lincoln David Herbert Donald  
Lessons of History Will & Ariel Durant   
Leonardo's mountain of clams and the diet of worms Stephen Jay Gould  
Keynesian Revolution   (Great Economic Thinkers) Narrated by Louis Rukeyser  
Karl Marx: Das Kapital (Great Economic Thinkers) Narrated by Louis Rukeyser  
Joseph Schumpter & Dynamic Economic Change (Great Economic Thinkers) Narrated by Louis Rukeyser  
John  Dewey (USA) 1859-1952 (The Giants of Philosophy)    
Islam (Religion, Scriptures and Spirituality ) Narrated by Ben Kingsley  
Isaac Newton's New Physics (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Irish in America Colm Meaney  
Into the Storm A Study in Command Tom Clancy with General Fred Franks Jr.(Ret.)   
Human Evolution Stephen Jay Gould  
How The Mind Works Steven Pinker  
Hinduism (Religion, Scriptures and Spirituality ) Narrated by Ben Kingsley  
Hamlet and MacBeth Gets to the Heart of It! Dr. Elizabeth McNamer   
Hamlet William Shakespeare  
Guns of August Barbara W. Tuchman  
Greatest Generation  Tom Brokaw  
Great World- Religions, Practices and Histories    
Great American Speeches1931-1947    
Great American Speeches 1950-1963    
Good Life Ben Bradlee  
German Historical School of Economics (Great Economic Thinkers)    
Fuzzy Thinking Bart Kusko  
Future Medicine Michael Toms  
Full House Stephen Jay Gould  
Friedrich Nietzche (Germany) 1844-1900  (The Giants of Philosophy)    
Exploring and Map Making (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Evolution and Extinction Stephen Jay Gould  
Einsteins Dreams Alan Lightman  
Economics-Government Budget, Deficit and Trade Policy    
Earth in the Balance Al Gore  
Don't Know much about the Universe Kenneth C. Davis  
Don't Know Much About the Civil War Kenneth C. Davis  
Don't Know Much About the Bible Kenneth C. Davis  
Don't Know Much About Planet Earth Kenneth C. Davis  
Declaration of Independence (Giants of Political Thought) Thomas Jefferson   
D-Day (June 6, 1944:) The Climactic Battle of World War II Stephen E. Ambrose  
Day the Universe Changed James Burke  
Darwin & Evolution (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Creators A History of Heroes of the Imagination Daniel J. Boorstin  
Constitutions of the World Professor Albert P. Blaustein  
Consitutional Convention (Giants of Political Thought) Walter Conkrite  
Complexity & Chaos (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
Communist Manifesto (Giants of Political Thought) Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels  
Common Sense (Giants of Political Thought) Thomas Paine                                     
Civil War - Part I  (The United States at War) Narrated by George C. Scott  
Civil War Ken Burns  
Churchill In His Own Voice    
Children David Halberstam  
Charater Above All Robert A. Wilson   
Character of Physical Law Richard Feynman  
Chaos Making A New Science James Gleick  
Chance and Chaos David Ruelle  
Buffett The Making of an American Capitalist Roger Lowenstein  
Buddhism (Religion, Scriptures and Spirituality ) Narrated by Ben Kingsley  
Brief History of Time Stephen W. Hawking  
Book of Virtues William J. Bennett  
Biology-on-Tape Genetics, Diversity, and the Biosphere     
Biology on Tape- Understanding The Cell Audio Text, Inc.  
Best and The Brightest David Clennon  
Bertrand Russell and A.N. Whitehead (The World of Philosophy) Narrated by Lynn Redgrave  
Bell Curve Richard J. Hernstein, Charles Murray  
Being Digital Nicholas Negropante  
Beating the Street Peter Lynch  
Beating the Dow with Bonds Michael B. O'Higgins  
Basic Economics  Clarence B. Carson  
Art of War Sun Tze  
Aristotle (Greece) 384-322 B.C.  (The Giants of Philosophy)    
Alfred Marshall and Neoclassicism (Great Economic Thinkers) Narrated by Louis Rukeyser  
Aids C. Everett Koop, M.D.  
Aeneid By Virgil  
A New Understanding of the Atom (Science & Discovery ) Narrated by Edwin Newman  
1L, Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School Scott Turow