Mark B Gerstein


I'm an avid photographer and collector of images. I try to make these available in various streams.

Main Flickr Page

This has most of my current photos arranged in various "photostreams" and sets (e.g. photostream #4). I've gotten quite into keyword- and geo-tagging. You can see examples of the later on my flickr map and also various closeups I've done for trips that I've taken to the West Coast or Europe. Some of my photo keyword tags are in a big list.

Other Current Stuff

There are some "captioned versions" of my most recent shots from my twitter page (highlighted image tweets).

Some random headshots of myself (including high-dpi ones suitable for printing) and some more unusual "selfies."

Lately, I've taken to incorporating some my pictures into my lectures. (I've tried to highlight the images that I put into them in a dump directory of thumbnails and also by the tag kwpotppt on flicker. )

A series of Holiday Cards done by uncle over many years (very "low-level" password is "letmein").

Further information on the philosophy and source of this content.

Older Things

My collecting images has evolved over the years. Here's some earlier stuff.

My earlier flickr page from '06 and '07, which doesn't have that much tagging.

Photostream blog, which contains lots of material from '05 to mid '08, rearranged as chronological posts.

Scrapbook Blog, which has random images mostly posted from '05 to '07

Some older bits are in my scrapbook of interesting images: 1997-1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 . (The first link is just a custom html page and latter ones are my simple pre-flickr photo galleries.)

Finally, I've started to put some really old images (from the '70s) into my current flickr site.