Mark B Gerstein

Links (or entities)

Current Linkstream2 microblog (Jan. '12 onwards)

Older bookmarks (Dec. '06 to Sep. '11), including article clips (mostly popular)

Tags (or attributes)

I have gotten quite into tagging. Here's my philosophy on this.

For linkstream2, I have a special page describing my key tags and other bits of the blog. Also, I have mirror site that has a page listing all my tags alphabetically or by frequency.

For Delicious, here are some definitions of my public tags. Notice, how it contains a subdivision into tags that are applicable to bookmarks, blogs, images, etc using yet more tags. It also contains pointers to tops of link clusters (overviews and centers)

Old & Experimental Stuff

My linkstream2 microblog reformatted in the new blogger style. (Note, this is only an approximate mirror of the main site.)

Backflip bookmarks (probably broken): Quicklinks, current ones, sent-email-about-this

Cached copies : Backflip (020826, 20-Aug-06), older ones (before July 2000)

Experimental Stuff: linkstream blog & Digg history

Some old public tags.

For fun, I've tried to make my delicious tags available in a variety of formats.