Some Interesting Images (stills 3)

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Wrap or Wreath?

(A image created by the PDB to celebrate proteins and the 1999 holiday season. This is actually the nucleosome core structure, but perhaps it evokes something a bit bigger.)  


USA citizen, Euro name, Japanese characters

( My name in Japanese. It means "real forever." Translation credits.)  



(A picture of the Gulf War, from New York Times)


A Quiz!

(Click to see whole thing. Click for answers.)  


The Newest Land in North America

(Click to see a close-up of none-of-it [nunavut]).  


What's anachronistic about this Apple Ad?

(Click to see a blow-up of it with unusual features highlighted).  


How color is affected by context

(The "inks" in these 2 collections of squares are the same, but the arrangement is different. This causes one to perceive colors differently. Focus on the "1" and "2". Click to see a blow-up [From American Scientist]).