Mark B Gerstein

Contact Information

Here's some pointers on how to most efficiently contact me, in both personal and professional contexts. Basically, I prefer email over unscheduled phone calls or paper mail. (I do like scheduled phone calls and meetings, however!) Unfortunately, I am sometimes a bit slow in responding to all the correspondence that I get. In the later case, if it's urgent, I'd try to contact me by using the pleasepagemark email address.

Email  &

These are my normal emails for professional and personal contexts. Some points on using them:

If you need to reach me rapidly try this, send an email to this address with the word *blue* in the subject line of the message. Use this sparingly. It goes to my cell phone (and to my normal email) and creates a buzz. (Some more notes on this.) It is best to keep the message short and confined to the subject line of the message, viz: Subject: *blue* -- trying to contact you about sending you check for $10M.

This email goes to me and my assistant. Use this addresses to put in web forms -- e.g. for letters of reference. My assistant does not handle my schedule so write to me directly about appointments.

Phone & Fax

203 432 6105 — You can call my office phone (which sometimes forwards to my cell). Try to make sure your caller ID shows through (with *82 if necessary) as I don't tend to pick up calls missing explicit identification. It is often hard to get me by phone at random times. Furthermore, leaving a voicemail at this number is not that effective. It is more effective in a professional context to go through my assistant (see below).

360 838 7861 — This is my efax number. (Optimum if you email me to give me a heads up that you are sending a fax.)

mark.gerstein — username for skype. (Please do not try to "chat" with me here when not on a call.)

Paper Mail & Physical Location

I much prefer email to paper mail, so this will get a slow response. Here is my correct paper mail address:
Mark Gerstein, PO Box 208114 MBB, Yale University New Haven, CT 06520 USA.

If you want to meet in person (which I do like!), my office location is Bass 432A. (See here for details.) You sometimes need authorization to get in the building after 6 PM. If so, arrange to call me, so I can come down to meet you. Also, please make sure you announce yourself at my office.

I don't post my home address on the web, but if you're interested, it's (unfortunately) fairly trivial to get it from Google and my home phone number (if you know the latter).

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